Today’s home gym systems target the low-end market, and designers must work within these limitations. The low-end market contains, by far, the largest number of consumers for personal gym systems. But price limitations and fierce competition has produced an array of highly-promoted and cheaply built fitness products that fail to deliver on results. At the outset, our mission was to develop the finest home fitness system available anywhere in the world – to deliver the best that modern technology can provide.

     Numo™ is an example of what happens when designers have free rein to pull out the stops and go for excellence. Rarely are designers given the opportunity to create the very best product their skills can deliver.

  Numo™ was created for the fitness enthusiast who demands the very finest. Nothing in the home fitness arena even comes close to it in design, construction quality, product features, and in the professional level of the exercise movements. Numo™ is a professional grade multi-function home fitness system designed for the most discriminating user.

Multi-function Home Fitness System

    Numo the System™ is truly a system that brings professional fitness into your home. In order to achieve the same functionality with commercial equipment one would have to spend $40,000 or more on several different machines and dedicate a large room to the equipment. Commercial equipment is designed for a single exercise, and each is built with its own resistance system. With Numo™, however, a single module provides the resistance for every exercise. This saves on space and expense. The cost of Numo™ is only slightly more than the cost of a single piece of commercial equipment, and it occupies a space of only about 51 by 108 inches.

The concept of a multi-function home exercise system is not new. There are many multi-function machines on the market. But Numo™ brings to the arena a new level of design, construction, and ease of use, which equals or surpasses that of commercial equipment.

Pneumatic Resistance System

      Numo™ is a pneumatic or air-powered machine. The advantages of using compressed air to provide resistance in an exercise machine have been known for years. During the 80’s and 90’s pneumatic machines were adopted by many upscale commercial fitness centers in order to provide their customers the finest equipment available. Anyone who has visited one of these fitness centers may already be familiar with the silky smooth operation and easy resistance adjustment of a pneumatic machine. Using compressed air opens the way for:

  • Dynamically Adjustable Resistance: Users can actually adjust the amount of resistance while they are exercising. You do not have to stop the machine and manually switch bands, rods, or weights.
  • Smooth and Silent Operation: There are no clanging weights. And nothing on the market matches the smoothness of operation of a pneumatic machine.
  • No Adverse Effect of Inertia: Injuries associated with weight machines are typically caused by something that equipment designers call “the adverse effect of inertia.” The adverse effect of inertia comes from the fact that every mass has inertia, and the weight (resistance, or force) felt by the user of a weight machine depends on how fast the movement is done. A pneumatic machine has no inertial effects because there are no weights. This means that resistance is consistent over the entire range of the movement, regardless of the speed at which the movement is done. And without the large fluctuations in resistance typical of weight-based machines, pneumatic machines are far safer, and the results come more quickly.
Cam-Controlled Resistance Output

     Numo™ has a unique cam-controlled resistance system that even professional pneumatic machines do not have. The cam provides the following benefits:

  • Controlled Resistance Curve: The cam precisely controls the resistance curve so it is no longer limited to the physics of compressed air. The standard cam that comes with the machine produces a linear resistance output that slightly increases near the end of the stroke. Power users, however, sometimes prefer a greater increase during the final portion of a stroke. Cams can be profiled to produce any output curve desired, regardless of the natural characteristics of compressed air.
  • Bi-Directional Resistance Capability: The cam system makes it possible to reverse the direction of the resistive force in pressing bar movements. When the cam is pointing toward the front, for example, resistive force is downward and pressing bar movements are done by pushing upward, such as when performing a bench press. By rotating the cam so it points toward the rear, the direction of the resistive force is reversed. Pressing bar movements are then done by pushing downward, such as when doing dipping exercises. No other machine offers this bi-directional capability in pressing bar movements.
Adjustable Pressing Bar Height

     On machines having a pressing bar, the arc of the bar is determined by the location of the pivot. Typically, the pivot is located in a fixed position, which means that the arc may be correct for only a single exercise. With Numo™, the entire resistance system is packaged in a self-contained carriage called the “Power Module.” By sliding the Power Module up or down on the frame, the pressing bar pivot can be placed at the correct height for any exercise. The weight of the power module is counterbalanced by gas cylinders (like those on the tailgate of an SUV), so only a slight force is needed to move it. A spring-loaded pin snaps into holes located on the side of the frame to securely hold the Power Module where you put it. A variable pivot height is virtually unheard of in fitness equipment.

Multiple Pulley Stations

     Numo™ is equipped with a full complement of pulley stations.Upper, mid-range, lower, and platform pulley stations all work from the same power system. To go from one station to another, the user simply connects the appropriate fixture to the end of the cable protruding from a pulley and begins exercising. There is nothing to switch over and no cables to string. Every pulley station is active at all times. Cables and a specially designed cable carriage are hidden inside the frame. This unique cable carriage system, exclusive to Numo, is what makes it possible to deliver such a clean and user-friendly pulley system.

Fully Articulated Bench with Leg Flexion

     Numo’s removable bench, with built-in leg flexion, is a design achievement on its own. The backrest pivots and locks in place at a number of positions, from flat to a 90-degree upright position. This allows you to do conventional bench presses, inclined bench presses, and military presses. With the backrest removed, the seat glides the length of the rails on rollers for rowing and leg exercises. The leg flexion fixture provides professional-level leg extension and leg curl exercises.

Computer Controlled

     Numo’s resistance system is controlled by a built-in computer. You can enter exercise routines and the computer adjusts the weight for the various sets as you go. Your personalized workout is stored on a SD card, and special software makes the data compatible with your personal computer. Each member of the household can program their own personalized workouts.

You can also speak to Numo™ and give it voice commands while you are exercising. This is especially important to being able to achieve those “deep-burn” sets. The last one or two repetitions of a set are the most important, and often they cannot be completed at the resistance-level appropriate for the beginning of a set. With Numo’s voice command system, you can change the resistance by a programmed amount at any time during the exercise routine, even during mid-stroke. Numo the System™ is truly a system unlike anything available anywhere in the world.

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