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Robert Q. Riley has been designing products since the late sixties.  In the mid-seventies, he opened a design and prototyping firm in Phoenix, Arizona, Quincy-Lynn Enterprises, Inc, where he developed several alternative automotive and innovtative fitness designs. Today he works as an independent design and engineering consultant under his name, Robert Q. Riley Enterprises LLC.

Riley especially enjoys working with entrepreneurs and startups on new product ideas and designs.  According to Riley: "That's where the real innovation happens, and I love to be part of that magical process."

Robert Q. Riley is an author, industrial designer and a mechanical engineer with successes in a wide range of product categories. His automotive experience
includes vehicle styling, packaging, and power train design. He has produced energy-efficient, high-performance three-wheel road vehicles, electric and hybrid cars, and conventionally powered automobiles of 128-mpg fuel economy.

Mr. Riley is also a prolific designer outside the automotive field. His non-automotive designs range from high performance watercraft, submersibles, hovercraft and human powered vehicles to fitness and medical products.


  • Numo
    Numo™ is an example of what happens when designers have free rein to pull out the stops and go for excellence. Rarely are designers given the opportunity to create the very best product their skills can deliver.
  • 1902 Wright Glider
    Robert Q. Riley was the first to build and fly a fullsize replica of the Wright Brothers' 1902 Glider. The glider is now on permanent display at the California Science Center at Los Angeles, California.
  • The Lean Machine
    Robert Q. Riley was the co-inventor and developer of The Lean Machine home fitness system, which pioneered the programmable-resistance, low-inertia exercise system in the consumer market.
  • XR3 Hybrid
    The XR3 Personal Transit Vehicle (PTV) is a super-fuel-efficient two-passenger plug-in hybrid that achieves 125 mpg on diesel power alone, 225 mpg equivalent when diesel and electric power are used in series, and performance like a conventional automobile. The design of the XR3 Hybrid is based on existing technologies and a vehicle personality that makes conserving energy a fun driving experience.
  • XR2
    The new Ground Hugger XR2 HP (High Performance) machine leapfrogs ahead of anything available anywhere in the world to raise the bar on recumbent bicycle design and deliver an unparalleled sense of excitement and pleasure to your cycling experience.
  • Ground Hugger
    It is one of the most thoroughly proven recumbent designs around. It’s introduction helped spark the modern revival of the recumbent bicycle. It was featured in Popular Mechanics magazine.

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