Old Hickory


A Modern Smoke Cooker For Old Fashion Flavor

This smoke cooker imparts old fashioned smoke-cooked flavors to food, and it almost cooks by itself. Plans include two 17 x 22 inch drawings and a photo-illustrated booklet showing step-by-step how to build it.  


It Does the Cooking For You

Backyard cooking is a time for relaxation and family fun. With the easy-to-build Old Hickory Smoke Cooker you can virtually let the cooker do the cooking for you.  It’s unique flow-through design makes it almost impossible to cook a poor meal.   That’s because meals are smoke-cooked.  The chef of the day is no longer chained to a hot barbecue,  Old Hickory puts the fun and relaxation back into backyard cooking, it also gives food that rich old fashioned smoke cooked flavor that most of us have only read about.

You Can Barbecue But Smoke Cooking is More Fun

Although you can barbecue with Old Hickory, it is really designed as an oven-style smoke cooker, which is the main reason that cooking requires so little attention.  With the lid closed food is cooked by indirect heat, not by the fire itself.  Gone are the out-of-control flames of an ordinary barbecue. Flavor saturated hot air from the partitioned off firebox underneath moves through and around the cooking compartment, sealing in natural juices and flavor.  Wood, such as hickory, mesquite, cedar, and apple gives foods a rich smoky flavor.  A water-soaked log tossed into the firebox after the fire is well underway adds even more flavor. Ypou can bake potatoes and other food in the “warming oven” near the bottom of the chimney.  Adjust cooking temperature by opening or closing a small door in the side of the firebox.Cooking temperature is adjusted by opening or closing a small door on the firebox

Build it Yourself in a Weekend

Old Hickory can be built in a single weekend for approximately $300. When we did the step-by-step photography for the plans booklet, the foundation was poured and photographed in little more than an hour. The next day we photographed the brick laying procedure. From start to finish, the entire photography/construction session lasted approximately four hours, and Old Hickory was finished. The small metal doors are standard fireplace fixtures. The large oven door is special made. Plans show how to build the oven door yourself, or you can take the drawings to a local metal fabricator and have it built.  Old Hickory was featured in Popular Mechanics Magazine.

Additional information

Weight .5 lbs
Dimensions 13 × 10 × 1 in

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