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A Gasoline or Battery-Electric Three Wheel Car

Featured on the Cover of Mechanix Illustrated Magazine and in the Movie “Total Recall”. Over 30,000 Plans in the Field.
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Blazing the Trail – Most Popular Project Ever

When Mechanix Illustrated (MI) magazine hit the stands with the just-finished Trimuter on the cover, newsstand sales soared off the charts. That single issue produced a flood of over 30,000 orders, which made it by far the most popular DIY project in the magazine’s 75-year history. Within months, Trimuter clubs sprang up around the country and copycat versions showed up to mimic the design. Club members were going on meets and group drives, and meeting to exchange ideas. Nothing before or since has had the same impact. The new Trimuter HP3 is based on this iconic design, translated into modern technology.

21st Century Design Leapfrogs Ahead

The chassis for the Trimuter HP3 is truly an elegant work of mechanical engineering and design, and it uses modern components. Plus, it delivers far better performance, it’s easier to build, and it’s still simple and inexpensive. Prior work with hybrids (HEVs, battery-electric vehicles (BEVs) and super-high-fuel economy internal combustion vehicles (ICVs) guided the new design. One thing is clear. When far less fuel is consumed the negative attributes of combustion vehicles plunge in step with the fuel not consumed. A diesel powered Trimuter HP3, for example, achieves 125 mpg, and more. One of our post-Trimuter designs, the diesel-powered Centurion (a predecessor of the new HP3), recently won the Toyota Green Grand Prix three years in a row, all at over 200 mpg (250 mpg in 2016). Plans show how to duplicate this power train in the HP3.

It’s The Battery

Elon Musk has probably done more than anyone to open the door to BEVs as practical personal transportation vehicles. The next great leap in battery technology is poised to emerge from development work on the Graphene battery. (  ) This material will be put to work within lithium based batteries to enhance their already great performance, and cut recharge times. The HP3’s chassis is designed for lithium-based battery modules which now deliver 125 mile range on a relatively small 19.5 kW battery pack. Graphene is expected to double or triple the energy and cut recharge times to as little as 15 minutes.

Choices and Options are Key

HP3 = High Performance, Three Power Train Options: You can assemble the HP3 with a choice of different power trains. A 125 mi-range BEV version can be assembled with either an ac or a dc battery-electric power system. Dc is less costly but an ac system eliminates brushes and provides regenerative braking capability, wherein braking delivers a charge to the battery for extended range. The most advanced EVs, like Tesla for example, use regenerative braking. They also use advanced lithium-based batteries, which are responsible for Tesla’s remarkable range. Trimuter uses a smaller lithium-based battery pack, which costs less and still delivers 125 mi range. And with a larger battery pack Trimuter’s range could be doubled.  (Significantly larger battery packs would require modifications to the body and liquid cooling.)

New Clean Diesel – 125 mpg: For maximum fuel economy from liquid fuel, nothing beats a diesel engine. The stock frame can accept a diesel engine, like the one in our XR3 Hybrid and Jerry Bartlett’s Green-Grand-Prix-winning Centurion built from plans on this site.

Conventional Gasoline Engine: The least costly option would be to assemble Trimuter HP3 with a conventional ICE power train, such as the air-cooled VW.  At roughly 500 pounds lighter than the original VW, performance is far better, and with tall gearing you can expect fuel economy in the 40 – 50 mpg range.

Plans, Kits, Materials Bundles, Parts

A  kit or a materials bundle turns the project into more of a weld-together and/or bolt-on-parts “Lego set”. With even a simple materials bundle, there’s no shopping for individual pieces of metal and tubing. You can get it delivered to your doorstep. And kits come directly from our vendors to you so there’s no middle-man markup. The more complete the kit, the more it becomes like a bolt-together project. But you decide how much of the fabrication you want to do. Do more and spend less.

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