Award-Winning XR2 Recumbent Bike


Build This Advanced Carbon Fiber Solar Assist Recumbent For Clean, Gasoline-Free Commuting and Cycling Pleasure.
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Instantly Download this latest carbon fiber recumbent bicycle that can be made in three versions: human-powered, battery-electric e-bike, and the race-winning solar-/human-powered version. The Solar XR2 won the 2001 Australian World Solar Cycle Challenge (B-Class). Plans are available for instant download.  Call for hard copies.  (602-412-7951)


There are few times when a designer has the opportunity to pull out the stops and create an advanced, race-winning design like the new Ground Hugger XR2 HP.  This new HP (High Performance) machine leapfrogs ahead of anything available anywhere in the world to raise the bar on recumbent bicycle design and deliver an unparalleled sense of excitement and pleasure to your cycling experience.  Its unique architecture provides for three versions from a single design:


  • Electric/Human hybrid power with on-road or stationary solar charging, or rapid plug-in recharging. (This is a refined version of the Solar XR2 that won the Australian WorldSolar Cycle Challenge.)
  • Conventional E-bike power (wheel motor) and with rapid plug-in recharging, plus optional solar recharging
  • Dedicated human powered version built on the most advanced technology available.


With today’s soaring fuel costs, it’s about time to break free of the gas pump and enjoy clean and virtually free mobility.  You can slash high commuting costs and smell the roses in the process, and do it without the pedal-pumping work of a conventional bicycle.  With its combination of battery-electric and solar capabilities, the Ground Hugger XR2 HP offers a new way to cut monthly expenses and have fun doing it.  With either of the two electric power systems, you can select  the amount of necessary pedal power.   Or you can stop pedaling altogether and cycle on battery power with assistance from solar power.  On a sunny day, solar power can maintain up to 8 km/hr with little or no drain on the batteries.


A team at Prince Alfred College in Australia, under the leadership of Professor Paul Balestrin, built a solar assist version of the first Ground Hugger XR2 and entered the 2001 Australian World Solar Cycle Challenge.  The Solar XR2 took first place in “B-Class” and third place overall.  B-Class is a category for unfaired recumbents; machines having no aerodynamic body to reduce drag.  Average speed over the 1553 km course was 41.1 km/h.  Top speed was 65km/h on a level run. This new release includes plans for an upgraded and refined version of the race-winning Solar XR2. Plans show an upgraded electrical system with greater collection area and Lithium-Ion batteries.


Metal fixtures are laminated in place at attachment points, such as the head, bottom brackets (there are two), steering tube, and rear suspension hardpoints.  The bottom bracket shells are purchased ready-made, and the other items are simply cut from lengths of aluminum tubing.  The photo of the foam core (in the left margin) shows the aluminum steering housing cemented in place.  Plans provide instructions for eliminating the electrolysis that sometimes happens between carbon fiber and bonded-in metal parts.

Plans are written with the assumption that you have no previous experience with bicycles or composite construction.  We call it “information overkill.”  And you will be pleasantly surprised to see how DIY instructions and modern CAD system technologies have been integrated in such a user friendly way.  This type of presentation was developed especially for the DIY field. If you can browse a Website, you’ll be at home with the advanced three-dimensional presentations on the CD-ROM.  And it’s an ideal way to spark interest in students for professional-level 3D design and engineering technologies.  Modern 3D CAD systems are a little like video games, except they deal with the real world and produce real results.  This DIY presentation provides a sense of what modern design technologies are all about.

The disc includes 3D electronic models that let you zoom, pan, and rotate CAD-accurate electronic models.  You can even take dimensions in three-dimensional space.  Conventional 2D CAD drawings are also included, but the most enjoyable and enlightening experience will be with the 3D models.  Within an assembly, you can export individual parts into separate documents, make cutaway views by simply dragging a plane across a part or an assembly, and change transparency with the click of a mouse so you can see what’s inside.

An in-depth manual, which runs in a web browser, provides detailed instructions and click-to-enlarge images of parts and assemblies at various stages of construction.  You can enjoy still images and video clips of the Ground Hugger XR2 HP in action.  The CD-ROM contains a professionally produced video of the 2001 Australian World Solar Cycle Challenge.  You’ll see the Solar XR2 cross the finish line and enjoy interviews with other participants. And you’ll have direct links to vendors on the Internet.

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