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Robert Q. Riley Enterprises, LLC. is a full service product design and development organization. We deliver solutions for all of your design, manufacturing, and support needs.

The firm’s founder, Robert Q. Riley, has over 25 years experience in all phases of product design, development, and commercialization. Our excellence comes from a long history of delivering innovative solutions with maximum efficiency from human and financial resources. We can provide assistance at any point in your development program. Or we can manage the project from conception to completion, including product and tooling design, production processes, packaging design, and user and service manuals.

The 3D CAD files developed during product design become assets for user and service manuals, often showing details more clearly and at less expense than photography. The earlier we become involved the more we can contribute.

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Our Process

1.Identify: Through interviews with potential purchasers, focus groups, and by observing similar products in use, researchers identify customer needs. The list of needs will include hidden needs, needs that customers may not be aware of or problems they simply accept without question, as well as explicit needs, or needs that will most likely be reported by potential purchasers. Researchers develop the necessary information on which to base the performance, size, weight, service life, and other specifications of the product.

2.Generate: Designers and engineers develop a number of product concepts to illustrate what types of products are both technically feasible and would best meets the requirements of the target specifications. Engineers develop preliminary concepts for the architecture of the product, and industrial designers develop renderings to show styling and layout alternatives. After narrowing the selection, non-functional appearance models are built of candidate designs.

3.Refine: In this stage, product specifications are refined on the basis of input from the foregoing activities. Final specifications are the result of tradeoffs made between technical feasibility, expected service life, projected selling price, and the financial limitations of the development project. When product attributes are in conflict, or when the technical challenge or higher selling price of a particular feature outweighs its benefits, the specification may be dropped or modified in favor of other benefits.

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