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Resellers’ and Educational Programs

DIY Plans on Disc for Resellers & the Educational Community
Using the Latest in Computer-Aided Design Technologies *


Plans using computer aided design for resellers and the educational community

Whether you are a retailer or distributor, or an educator or a parent, you can light the fires of imagination using the world’s most exciting DIY projects on disc.  These advanced-technology plans and instructions are presented in an easy, user-friendly way that requires no previous knowledge of modern CAD systems.  And the necessary software is free.  If you can browse the Internet then you can enjoy these presentation technologies on disc.

As a parent or an educator, what a great way to stimulate interest in 21st century technologies.  When you build a bicycle, a high-speed PWC, a hovercraft, or even a car, modern design Cover insert of Ground Hugger XR2 plans on disc package. technology is seamlessly integrated so learning happens as a natural result – as a by-product of CAD presentations that make it far easier to understand the construction details. Cross-section and transparent views, and even taking measurements in 3D space are just a click or two away. No more old-fashioned printed plans to get dirty and torn, and you are no longer limited to one viewing angle  Understanding modern design systems then becomes a natural by-product of having fun with your family project because you’re no longer held back by outmoded presentation methods. It’s like putting on a new pair of glasses that let you see in far greater detail.  And these plans and instructions on disc include traditional line drawings, plus an instruction manual that runs in a web browser with technical/engineering details and links to vendors too.

As a reseller, these are the kinds of benefits, the doorway to enthusiasm and enjoyment, you can offer your customers.  As a parent, this is a fulfilling way to engage your child.  As a do-it-yourself enthusiast yourself these hi-tech plan-sets offer a more pleasurable DIY experience.

Private Labeling

For resellers, private labeling is also available.  We can orient a product line to fit your customers’ interests. Special offers and part numbers can also be included so your customers receive the best products for the application.  This is an ideal way to to stimulate ancillary sales.  Building supply outlets, auto parts and accessory outlets, hobby shops, bicycle shops, tool suppliers, metal and tubing supply outlets can increase sales with built-in special offers that match your products and services to particular DIY projects.

Display Options

Special display needs? We may be able to help.  Banners and other point of purchase aids can be provided.

Educational Program

For the academic community, our expanded educational series will offer native 3D files and teaching aids.**   Project-based teaching has been used at many schools as a way of teaching a number of skills simultaneously through participation in specially-designed projects – projects that stimulate students’ enthusiasm and creativity and guide them through learning experiences. We are proud to announce that the XR3 Hybrid is the centerpiece of the alternative energy and physics program at Phoenix Bioscience High School   And using our original Ground Hugger XR2 plans as a basis, students at Prince Alfred College in South Australia went on to win in category the 2001 Australian World Solar Cycle Challenge.  The solar assist feature was developed by students as part of their learning experience.  Projects like these provide students with invaluable learning experiences for a variety of engineering, product development, project management and funding skills.  These experiences, along with those of others in the academic community, have served as a model for the entire educational series of products that are now under development.

DIY Projects Already on Disc Using CAD Presentations.

Ground Hugger XR2 Recumbent Bicycle.
XR3 Hybrid three-wheeled Car.
Gluhareff Pressure Jet with Bonus MEG-2X Backpack Helicopter.


XR3 Video Brochure:
XR3 Hybrid
XR3 Electric:
XR3 Windshield Wiper:
XR3 Diesel Only
Nighttime Firing of Gluhareff G8-2-20 Jet
Gluhareff 20-Pound Thrust Jet:

Videos of Projects from Traditional Plan-Sets

Tri-Magnum -1:
Tri-Magnum -2:
Tri-Magnum -3:
HydroRunner Outboard-Powered PWC

* Resellers: Please note the three items in the retail line of plans will be filled out with more products.  The XR3 Hybrid and XR2 Solar assist recumbent have already been reformatted and packaged for retail distribution, and the G8-2 Jet will be released in a few weeks.  But the others remain in a printed format that will not be sold via retail outlets. Links from the images in the left margin, however, access information pages whether or not the retail format has been created.


** Educational Products:  Please inquire about the release date of our full line of educational products. This line will include the three products listed in the left margin.  In addition, we are interested in receiving suggestions from those in the educational profession on how to improve this line of products.

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